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8th International Piano Competition "Young Virtuoso" Competition

8th International Piano Competition "Young Virtuoso" Competition

Freitag bis Freitag
10.01.2020, 9:00 bis
21.02.2020, 17:00

Pävula Jurjäna Music School
Balozu st. 27
LV-1048 Riga

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From February 19 to 21, 2020 Pāvuls Jurjāns Music School in collaboration with Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department, Pāvuls Jurjāns Music School Support Society and Latvian Piano Teachers' Association organizes the 8th International Piano Competition "Young Virtuoso" Competition.


Organizers of the competition:

Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council Latvian Association of Piano Teachers

Pävuls Jurjäns Music School

Time and location of the competition:

February 19-21, 2020, Pävula Jurjäna Music School,

Balozu st. 27, Riga, LV-1048

Rules of the competition:

The competition is held for four age groups:

Group A - participants born  in  2010  and later;

Group B - participants  born  in 2008  and 2009; Group C  -  participants  born in 2005, 2006 and 2007;

Group D -  participants born in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

The winners of the competition in each age group will receive laureate diplomas, honorary diplomas and money awards.

The membership of the jury of the competition is confirmed by the director of Pävuls Jurjäns Music School.

The jury has the rights:

• not to award some of the prizes;

• to divide one prize among several  participants. The decision of the jury is definitive and indisputable.

Program of the competition:

Group A:

  1. J. S. Bach: Little Prelude in F Major BWV 927
  2. An etude by C. Czerny from op. 849
  3. A masterly piece

Group B:

  1. J. S. Bach: Two-Part Invention in F Major BWV 779
  2. An etude by C. Czerny from op. 299
  3. A masterly piece

Group C:

  1. J. S. Bach: Three-Part Invention in D Major BWV 789
  2. An etude by C. Czerny from op. 740
  3. A masterly piece or a masterly concert etude

Group D:

  1. J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in D Major, WTC I Book BWV 850
  2. An etude by C. Czerny from op. 740
  3. A masterly piece or a masterly concert etude

* All the compositions are to be performed from memory. Only scores  from original editions are allowed for using.

Participation conditions:

Applications ofparticipants must be mailed before January 10, 2020, including:

application form,

copy of birth certificate or passport, photography 3 x 4 cm (digital format)

Participation fee is 25 euro, which must be transferred to the current account of the Municipality of Riga:

Municipality of Riga

Rätslaukums 1, Riga, LV-1050 Registration Nr.: 90011524360

AS Luminor Bank Bankcode: NDEALV2X

Account number: LV16NDEA0021000916200 With reference: "For the competition YOUNG VIRTUOSO"

• Participants cover travel and accommodation expenses

• Participants are provided with an acoustical rehearsal

• In case of non-participation the participation fee will not be refunded

• Participants will be informed  about the time of drawing  lots,  determining  the order  of      rehearsals and performances, before February 7, 2020.


E-mail: youngvirtuoso@jurjani.lv

Director ofthe competition: Ilze Kaspare phone: (+371) 29431087

Artistic director of competition; lngrida Reinholde phone: (+371) 29252081

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