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Golden Keys

Golden Keys

Dienstag bis Dienstag
15.09.2020 bis 08.12.2020



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First Online edition of

International Instrumental Competition 


It is open to accordionists - soloists, standard or mixed ensembles and orchestras that include at least one accordion in the instrumental composition of the ensemble.  

The main idea of the event is to reveal, support and develop the artistic potential of musicians in preserving the national heritage. Participation in this online competition will help to represent the art of music of many cultures internationally, and preparation for online participation will lead to an increase in the level of stage skills and experience of participants.

We invite students in pre-professional, professional (from music schools, colleges, conservatories, academies, universities and other institutions and organizations from around the world), as well as non-professional performers to take part in this event.  

15.09.2020 – 08.12.2020 – acceptance of applications and videos
10.12.2020 – 16.12.2020  – acceptance of viewers' ratings of  the performances of participants
16.12.2020 – jury commission meeting
18.12.2020 – publication of the results according to the judges’ and spectators’ decisions
18.12.2020 – online meeting of art directors and jury

You can find the regulation of the competition here.

Thank you to everyone who will get involved and despite the difficult times remain strong and motivated!